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Community Carnival!

Residents Enjoy an African Event

Meadow Park coordinated a unique event that enabled residents to travel to the exotic continent of Africa while never leaving home! The residents were delighted by staff who donned authentic African garb and provided insight into this richly diverse culture with informational trivia, photos of the continent and of course provided rythmic African music that surely got everyone up and dancing! Multi-cultural events are just another example of the quality programs provided at Meadow Park.


PicturePet Therapy Program Implemented

Meadow Park Rehabilitation and Health Care Center has implemented a wonderful Pet Therapy program for their residents. It is documented that Animal Assisted Therapy can help seniors who suffer from conditions including depression and physical disabilities. Elderly adults who give up their homes and many of their belongings to move into nursing homes and other health care facilities may be prone to depressive moods and seek to further isolate themselves from others. Without any intervention, depression and isolation can take a toll on an elderly nursing home resident’s health. One way that professionals have sought to halt and reverse this process is to introduce seniors to pet therapy treatments. Even if a senior is unable to adopt their own pet, regular visits with a fond furry friend can make all the difference in the world. Featured in this photo is Resident Jamie, McDuff and Georgia.

Meadow Park is committed to providing innovative programming such as this for their long term residents as well as a host of other contemporary, ground breaking programs for their sub-acute Rehabilitation patients.